History of St Michael's

1873 - Original Homestead, Marston, built on the site.

1876 - Additions made to main homestead.

1884 - Goulburn architect EC Manfred drafts additions to the home for police superintendent EV Morriset.

1903 - Arnold family buys home and names it St Michael's after St Michael the patron saint of new owner Helen Arnold.
She was the daughter of the de laurets of Wynella.

1909 - Property purchased for use as a novitiate after two of Mrs. Arnold's daughters, Mary & Helen, entered the Sisters of Mercy.

1911 - St Joseph's study hall built in the grounds.

1915 - Sydney architects Hennessy and Hennessy design

Castlederg Cottage, a small house for visiting priest built.

1925 - Three storey building St Brigid's built as study hall and accommodation.

Novices trained at St Michael's until 1970 and in 1981 it became
a retreat and conference centre.

2000 - Sisters of Mercy sell to Sydney businesspeople Ron &
Ann-Marie Lewy.

2015 - St Michael's Antiochian Village opened by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia, NZ & the Philippines open

Source: Analysis of Heritage Significance and Future development Potential for St Michael's Conference Centre, Garry Dutaillis and Associates, 1997.

Lebanese Cedar trees at the Antiochian Village

Approximately 100 years ago, Lebanese Cedar trees were planted in Goulburn, we have 2 also located in our village with another nearby at St Saviour's Cathedral.

More Information on Goulburns Lebansese Cedars